Virtualization Services

Designing and implementing a virtualization system is a crucial step in optimizing your IT infrastructure. A meticulous approach and technical expertise are fundamental to achieving one flexible and secure virtualized infrastructures.


Defining virtualization goals

Together we establish the specific goals of your virtualization project. Do we want to reduce hardware costs, consolidate servers, provide flexibility or improve business continuity?

Evaluation and optimization of hardware resources

We analyze and evaluate available hardware resources, identifying ways to optimize them to accommodate multiple virtual machines.

Choosing the right virtualization platform

We select and implement the ideal virtualization platform for your requirements and needs from a wide range of solutions such as VMware vSphere/ESXi, Microsoft Hyper-V, Xen, KVM and others.

Storage infrastructure planning and implementation

We develop efficient storage strategies, integrating physical or virtualized solutions such as SAN or NAS, to efficiently manage data and virtual machines.

Configuring and securing virtual networks

We design and implement secure virtual networks, configuring virtual switches, security policies and routing settings for optimal connectivity and advanced protection.

Security policy implementation

We define robust security policies for the virtual environment, including access control, network segmentation, firewall configuration and traffic monitoring.

Create and manage VM templates and images

We make it possible to efficiently create and manage templates and system images for virtual machines, making it easy to clone and create new instances.

Integration and configuration of management tools

We install and configure virtualization management tools such as VMware vCenter, Microsoft System Center or other solutions for simplified administration and monitoring.

Backup and recovery plan development

We develop detailed backup and recovery plans to ensure data safety and protection in critical failure situations.

Testing, troubleshooting and post-implementation support

We test and troubleshoot the entire virtualization system to identify and correct any issues, providing ongoing support after implementation.

Documentation and training

We provide detailed documentation on virtualization configuration and operations and provide training for your staff to effectively manage your virtualized environment.

Continuous update and maintenance

We are committed to delivering customized and efficient virtualization solutions tailored to your needs to deliver significant benefits in terms of cost and operational efficiency of your IT infrastructure. Contact us today to discuss how we can optimize your IT environment through virtualization!

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